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March 5, 2010

2010 Tribeca Film Festival: in NYC, on TV, and Online

The ninth annual Tribeca Film Festival will take place in New York City from Wednesday, April 21 through Sunday, May 1; check out the Festival’s site for the list of movies. There are now three ways for movie buffs to enjoy the festival: In Manhattan, as always; on TV with the new video-on-demand option; and online with the new initiative, TTF Virtual. 

In New York City:
Visit the festival’s box office for the ticket sale schedule and to buy tickets.  

Beginning April 21, 15 films TFF has curated (including titles from the 2010 Festival) will be available to homes across the country with participating cable providers. This option also offers exclusive video extras. Visit the on-demand page for details.

TFF Virtual:
Starting March 15, Tribeca Film Festival Virtual will present content such as short films from past Festivals and discussions with film industry professionals. In April viewers can access full-length feature films, real-time Q&As, and more. Visit the Virtual page for details and how to purchase a pass.

Below, check out a Festival Web exclusive from last year in which director Lee Daniels, actress Gabourey Sidibe, and The Daily Beast founder Tina Brown discuss Precious.