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March 5, 2010

2010 Tribeca Film Festival: in NYC, on TV, and Online

The ninth annual Tribeca Film Festival will take place in New York City from Wednesday, April 21 through Sunday, May 1; check out the Festival’s site for the list of movies. There are now three ways for movie buffs to enjoy the festival: In Manhattan, as always; on TV with the new video-on-demand option; and online with the new initiative, TTF Virtual. 

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February 27, 2010

82nd Annual Academy Awards: Best Film Nominee Trailers

The Oscars will air on Sunday, March 7 at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC. Visit the official Oscars site to view the nominees.

Below, watch trailers from the 10 nominees for Best Film.

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February 26, 2010

News Roundup: February 26

Selected entertainment news including the death of Growing Pains‘ Andrew Koenig.

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February 26, 2010

Special Sex and the City Movie Tour Package Helps Women’s Group

In honor of the Sex and the City sequel (opening May 28), On Location Tours has made available a special day-long movie package tour on May 28 that takes attendees to various Manhattan locations featured in the series, provides dinner and two tickets to the movie, and ends with admission to a nightclub. 

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February 26, 2010

International Giveaway: Two Tickets for NYC Sex and the City Tour

Are you a fan of Sex and the City? Current Vine and On Location Tours are giving away a gift certificate worth two tickets ($84 total value) for On Location’s famous Sex and the City tour, which takes participants to various Manhattan locations featured in the series and the movie. Not sure when you’ll be in New York City? No problem: The certificate will never expire, so you can choose a date that’s right for you. Not a U.S. resident? Still no problem: This giveaway is international.

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February 21, 2010

News Roundup: February 21

Selected entertainment news including a look back at New York Fashion Week.

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February 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Tim Burton brings Lewis Carroll’s classic tale to the screen in Alice in Wonderland. Alice (Mia Wasikowska) encounters all the familiar Wonderland inhabitants including The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp),  The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter),  The White Queen (Anne Hathaway), The Knave of Hearts (Crispin Glover), and The Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry). Opening Friday, March 5.

Watch the trailer below.

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February 16, 2010

The Crazies: Trailer and Scene

A remake of the 1973 film of the same name, The Crazies centers on Ogden Marsh, a small town whose inhabitants start to become violent killers. Starring Timonthy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Joe Anderson, and Danielle Panabaker. Opening Friday, February 26.

Click below for the trailer and a scene.

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February 13, 2010

Shutter Island: Video Content

Based on Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name, Shutter Island stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as U.S. Marshals who visit an island institution for violent mental patients in order to find an escaped inmate. Co-starring Ben Kingsley and Michelle Williams. Opening Friday, February 19.

Below, watch the trailer and an interview with DiCaprio.

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February 12, 2010

News Roundup: February 12

Selected entertainment news including Alexander McQueen’s death.

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